5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

Every region of India has a rich and boastful legacy of handicrafts, handlooms, and traditional art and craft. Generations of one family dedicate themselves to mastering one craft which they pass on their kin of the next generation. Numerous little towns and villages in India continue the practice to produce such products of skilled craftsmanship in the same old ways. From stone sculptures and jewel-encrusted fabrics to elegantly sewn embroideries and dexterously crafted metal curios, these products have very good demand not only in Indian markets but also in international markets. However, these artisan villages sometimes fail to deserve the recognition that they deserve. Here are such 5 lesser-known villages and their sheer brilliant art from across the country.

Shilpgram –Rajasthan near Udaipur

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

The city of Udaipur boasts rich culture and heritage in its forts and palaces. Besides these historical places a visit to the handicraft village-”Shilpgram” is an excellent way to `have a perspective of the local traditions, art, and culture. Set amidst the backdrop of Aravalli mountains, spread across 70 acres of land the village exhibits the lifestyle of the tribal people. There are 26 different types of huts representing different states form India including Gujrat Rajasthan and Maharashtra and Goa. The huts offer a sneak peek of the craft from that particular state. An annual fair is held the month of December when Shilpgram starts bustling with artisans and craftsmen from all over the country. While you would shop and explore handicrafts, various musicians and dancers will entertain you with their respective arts. Shilpgram Crafts Mela is certainly a sincere effort to give recognition to the local arts of remote villages of Rajasthan. Your visit to this fair would allure you towards the ethnic rural arts and crafts.

Raghurajpur- Odisha near Puri

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

Located in the district of Puri, Raghurajpur village consists of two streets with over 120 houses, decorated with mural paintings. Here the painters who practice the craft of Pattachitra live. This particular art form dates back to 5 BC in which the paintings are made over a piece of cloth or a dried palm leaf known as Patta. The Patta is painted with a mixture of chalk and gum. The artists then meticulously paint the Patta in various themes ranging from mythology and religion through naturally made colours following the miniaturist style inherited from their forefathers. 

Andretta- Himachal Pradesh near Palampur

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

A must visit in Himachal Pradesh; Andretta Artist Village near Palampur is a place of interest for art lovers. The Andretta Village was built by a foreigner Norah Richards, an Irish writer and Dramatist who fell in love with the village in 1920.

After the establishment of the village, Andretta has attracted many artists like theatre artists, painters, sculptors and potters from several parts of the world to settle or to visit.

Bishnupur West Bengal near Durgapur

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

The town of Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples. But what most people may not know that there are various other art forms that it nurtures in its folds. Bishnupur is home to thousands of artisans and craftsmen who have continued to carry the town’s cultural legacy.

Terracotta’s work, however, remains the most exquisite craft here. Most shops are set up right outside the workshops on the Chinnamasta Road, at Dalmadal Para and are reasonably priced.

Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu near Chennai

5 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

The small village of Kanchipuram produces a specific kind of silk that is famous all over the world. The hand-woven Kanchipuram silk sarees have been recognized as strong and durable because they are made of three silk threads that are twisted with a silver wire. Around 5000 Families across the city are involved in the business of silk, a skill that has been passed down from generations. Travelers to Kanchipuram not only get the chance to buy world-class silk there but also witness the knowledge and history of silk evolution, its production, and its export.

Being one of the most expensive fabrics in the world it is made from pure mulberry. There are 15 silk and cotton yard industries and 60 dyeing units in the region to aid and expedite the production process. Owing to the extremely skilled form of art a Tamil film dedicated to the weavers of Kanchipuram was also made in 2008 called Kanchivaram




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